About the Europe Ship

It is the biggest and the most equipped river event-ship not only in Hungary, but in Central Europe as well. It provides unique technical and catering services, banqueting-rooms, a smoking area and also a panoramic terrace with a surface of 330 square metres.


Professional waiters and waitresses (whose number may reach 100 employees working together at the same time!) collaborate as a team so that You are able to welcome Your guests aboard of the Europe Ship in a proper way.

The staff of the Europe Ship are glad to serve our food and beverage on land as well.

Services You can choose from

The Europe Ship is just like a chameleon: it may have thousands of colours and faces. It can change as long as it becomes exactly the one You require. We have got our own decorator team whose knowledge and taste are something You can always rely on. They are capable of „getting the rooms dressed” with ease, as You wish.

Leave the riverside behind to have an exceptional experience

The incomparable Europe Ship may carry 1000 passengers. This marvellous, 3-storey vessel with its renewed art-deco interior fulfills all the expectations of our modern world. Thanks to the advanced sound system, speakerphones – which are used to high-quality music and speeches – are available.

The elegant and stylish basic mood of the Europe event-ship is coming from the harmony of the different colours which have been used. The light-coloured floor and modern paneling provide an exclusive, welcoming atmosphere to our guests. Everybody can have a great time on the Europe event-ship with its total shipboard of more than 1500 square metres. Its indoor area is 920 square metres and its outdoor part is 2 x 320 square metres to admire the breathtaking view of the Danube river and the embankment.

It’ss an unforgettable experience to take a look to Budapest from our deck and praise its beauty, for You are not able to do that from any other part of the capital city. Upon request, the two rooms of the upper floor can be equipped as VIP-rooms. Furthermore, they are suitable for hosting delegations because of their imposing spaces and technical equipment.